About Us 關於我們

"LaLaBuy-Online" was founded in 2018, our aim is collecting all kinds of beautiful & practical products from the global market and selling to Hong Kong and overseas markets, in order to control the lower sales prices to our customers more effectively. All of our products are sold at the most reasonable prices with direct shhip method, it can be saved some unnecessary expenses. We will also continue to work hard to expand the variety and level of our products. We hope that our products will become part of your lives. Sincerely thank you for your support of "LaLaBuy-Online".

“LaLaBuy-Online 潮鍾舍”成立於2018年,我們的目標是從全球搜羅各種精美實用及潮流時尚的產品,並銷售往香港和海外市場,為更有效地控制較低的銷售價格給我們的客戶,我們所有的產品都以最合理的價格以直接發貨的方式出售,這絕對可以節省一些不必要的費用及時間。 我們定必繼續努力,擴大產品的品種和層次。我們希望我們的產品能成為您生活的一部分。衷心感謝您對“潮鍾舍”的支持。